Columbia model 34, 1894

Like they made magnificent penny farthings, they made fantastic safety's. The Pope Manufacturing Company from Hartford, Connecticut (of which Columbia was the brand name) was a very innovative bicycle builder, perhaps due to a severe concurrence between bicycle producers in the USA. Every year they had to bring out something totally new, to underline the difference with their competitors. Columbia's often had special frames, suspension systems, even the elliptical chainwheel (now and then again popular on sports bikes) was an innovation of pope, in 1893. The Americans were early in adopting the pneumatic tyre as well.

This model 34 has an interesting frame, with double tubes. I got this picture of the Columbia model 34 (1894) from the website of 'Mr. Columbia'. It gives serial numbers, types etc. What could I add?
Click the picture for a link, just mail me if the link doesn't work any more ...

   If you are interested in a whole bunch of Columbia highwheel and safety advertisements, look at the ones I put on Flickr. Click here.